Getting Started with the Chemex

Basic Recipe

Method: Brew                                                                                                      Coffee: 30g of filter coffee with a texture similar to caster sugar                Water: 500g – 95ºC

  1. Heat water and place filter paper into Chemex
  2. Rinse filter paper with a small amount of preheated water and add coffee
  3. Pour water in stages, slowly in a circular motion
  4. Allow 3 to 3 ½ for water to pass through and enjoy

Step 1

Heat the water to 95 ºC. If you don’t have a thermometer, bring the water to the boil and let it rest for around 30 seconds before pouring into your Chemex.

Step 2

Take a filter paper and fold into a cone, according to the instructions on the packet, and place into the Chemex. Rinse the filter paper through with a small amount of preheated water to remove any taste of the paper. 

Step 3

Pour the ground coffee into the centre of the filter paper as evenly as possible. Place the Chemex onto a scale making sure you tare to 0g. Have a timer set ready to go.

Step 4

Start the timer and pour about 60g of water into the cone, wetting all the grinds. Take the Chemex and carefully swirl it for around 3 seconds. After 45 seconds add a further 240g of water pouring in slow, circular motions before letting the coffee steep. After 1 minute add the remaining water using the same slow circular motions. Carefully swirl the Chemex again to ensure that all grounds are used in the extraction.

Step 5

It should take between 3 and 3 ½ minutes to allow all of the water to pass through the coffee. If it takes longer or longer than this, adjust the grind of the coffee for next time.

Step 6

Enjoy on its own or chill overnight to make a delicious iced coffee!

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