Search from our range of coffee supplies with our selection of high-quality coffee beans including Cafe Bonté and Lavazza.  Coffee is important to us, that is why we have sourced a range of wonderful, diverse blends to make sure you can find coffee beans for to your exacting taste and crafted our own unique coffees based on your personality.

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Showing 1–30 of 40 results

What are the different types of coffees you can supply?

Filter Coffee
Whole Coffee Beans
Instant Coffee
Capsule Coffee

If you’re looking for freshly roasted coffee to enjoy from the comfort of your home then you are sure to find the perfect match for your brewing needs. You might be looking to craft the perfect latte, brew the ultimate filter or extract a delicious espresso, whatever you are after, we know we have the blend for you! Our blends are sourced from the finest Arabica and Robusta beans, and we work with our partners to make sure they are sourced in a way that is fair and sustainable.

If you’re interested in becoming a barista at home we recommend you get started with our brewing guides and brewing equipment. Hub Coffee has over 300 coffee products, guides, equipment and expertise in helping you create the perfect brew.

Where to buy coffee supplies?

Search for coffee by clicking the search bar or navigation to our coffee categories, add a coffee product to your basket and press checkout, its a very simply process. If you would like some help then visit our Frequently asked questions area.