Biodegradable Style Morning Brew for You



As the weather slowly changes, with a slight chill in the air and a persistent soft breeze, nothing beats a hot cup of coffee.  It’s like a warm hug from your friend, helping you tackle the day and adding a pep to your step. Now more than ever, though, you’re likely wanting to take your beverage on-the-go, to enjoy as you’re accomplishing your goals and getting your morning off on the right foot. Don’t let your morning brew contribute to pollution and waste! That’s no way to start your day! Choose biodegradable.

What Are Biodegradable Cups?

Biodegradable has become something of a buzzword, but it simply means that a product can be broken down and returned to its natural state.  Products that are biodegradable break down into their original elements, such as carbon dioxide, water, and vapor, due to organisms like bacteria and fungi. This is a quick process, much quicker than other materials are able to be broken down, and the resulting elements are not harmful to the environment. Basically, if you decide to order your latte in a biodegradable cup, you are contributing to less waste. That’s a win-win.


What Are Biodegradable Cups Made Of?

First things first, they are made of 100% biodegradable materials. This means that your cup will likely be made from PLA, which stands for polylactic acid. PLA derives from the natural sugars in plants, such as cane sugar, cassava, and corn starch. As the sugars from these plants ferment, lactide forms, which can then be further processed, eventually producing a polylactide resin. This resin is then manipulated to form whatever product is desired.

Why Use Biodegradable Cups?

There are numerous reasons to order your coffee

in a biodegradable cup! As we’ve already mentioned, they contribute to less waste. By being biodegradable, they break down naturally and therefore take up less space. The production of these cups is also great for fuel-efficiency. PLA plastics take 65% less energy to create than regular plastics, making them the best choice for consumers and the restaurant industry. Additionally, they produce much less pollution and greenhouse gas as they are created and distributed. When they eventually break down, their elements are natural and non-harmful. Finally, when you dispose of your cup into a compost, it can actually help the soil! These cups can help improve water and nutrie

nt retention in the soil, creating healthier plants in the process. The better question to ask is why not use biodegradable cups?

Are Biodegradable Cups Good for the environment?

Biodegradable cups are definitely a great choice for the good of the environment, however, you have to dispose of them properly to truly see their positive effects! Do not send them to landfills, as they can become buried in garbage and break down incorrectly. Being buried in a landfill means there is a lack of oxygen, which means the beneficial bacteria are unable to survive and break down the materials. This can create methane, which is harmful to the environment.  Instead, choose commercial compost heaps, which are growing in popularity to meet the rise of biodegradable plastics, or send them to a recycling plant. By doing this, you will ensure you’re contributing to all the positive effects of using biodegradable plastics!


Have we convinced you to switch over to biodegradable cups yet? If so, Hub Coffee has you covered for your disposable choices! With multiple options in terms of size and quantity, you can’t go wrong. While you’re at it, you can even find your next favorite brew. Available as a subscription or a one time purchase, you’ll find something to satisfy your coffee cravings. Contact us today!

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