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Tromso was designed to work perfectly with bean to cup machines and deliver a truly delicious beverage with unique flavours. Prepare an espresso with Tromso and allow your taste buds to experience a variety of fruity tasting notes. Whether you’re using Tromso beans through a bean to cup coffee machine or an espresso machine, Tromso’s crema is sure to impress.

Certified Fairtrade and Organic.

Marcala is a Municipality in the southwestern part of Bolivia, La Paz. Established traditions of the Lenca people involved treating the coffee with great care to enhance its natural attributes, allowing it to reach high levels of satisfaction. Honouring its true heritage, our specialist bean to cup roast promises a smooth & delicious flavour with an intense aroma. With deep indigenous Lenca roots, the unique culture fuelled the coffee production and over 150 years later, brings exquisite flavours from bean to cup.

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