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This coffee has been roasted to allow the main features of this blend to come through; dark chocolate. The aroma of chocolate is of course extracted during the roasting process and it is testament to the roasting style that the predominant flavour is held both in the aroma and the taste. This coffee will cut through milk easily and makes a delicious drink.

About the Thoughtful One

Always considerate, this exceptional tasting Fairtrade blend is both visionary and well-balanced. A testament to deep contemplation, dark chocolate remains consistent throughout the delicious aroma and taste.

  • Origin – Brazil and Vietnam
  • Blend – 70%/30% Arabica and Robusta
  • Growing Altitude – 800-1350 A / 500-700 R
  • Harvested – May-August and November-April
  • Certification – Fairtrade

A special blend of carefully selected coffees from Brazil and Vietnam roasted to produce a rich coffee. These certified grounds, grown on Fairtrade certified farms are committed to protecting biodiversity, conserving resources for the good of the planet and future generations and ensure farmworkers, their families and communities are treated well.


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