HUB Coffee Beans – The Excited One

This is a full-bodied blend with notes of dark chocolate and a comprehensive roasted aroma with a hint of malt. If brewed as a single espresso with 8g of coffee the subtle hints of dark chocolate linger harmoniously with a slight hint of spice. If brewed as a double espresso using 14g with steamed and texturised milk, there will be a dry, resinous maple syrup-like tastes on the palate – this makes for a stunning cappuccino or flat white.

Who is the excited one?

A noisy explosion of flavour across the palate. An unsubdued personality inspiring infectious enthusiasm for the job at hand. Dark chocolate, malt and lively spices all rally for a place in this vivacious blend.

  • Origin – Ethiopia, Brazil and Vietnam
  • Growing Altitude – 500-600 R / 1500-1750 A
  • Harvest – November-January

This pre-roast blend has been roasted to a dark profile to accentuate the Roaster’s trademark aroma; the satisfying, toasty smell of roasted coffee.


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Regular or Decaf



1Kg, 500g


Dark Roast


1kg Bag, 500g Bag


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