HUB Coffee Beans – The Eccentric One

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This is a well-balanced blend resulting in a rounded full body with mild acidity, sweetness and hints of dark chocolate. If brewed as a single espresso with 8g of coffee the resulting flavour profiles will be of dark chocolate with a smooth finish. If brewed as double espresso with steamed and texturised milk you will expect to experience notes of sweet almond with the aroma of vanilla on the palate and a creamy mouthfeel and a lingering chocolate finish.

Who is the Eccentric one?

Rather like that tune they’ve been humming from the 80’s, this blend culminates in a stirring crescendo of sweet almond, vanilla and dark chocolate. Confident in its uniqueness, it’s singular personality lingers pleasantly on the mind and palate.

  • Origin – Cerrado, Brasil
  • Blend – 100% Brazillian Arabica / 30% Rainforest Alliance
  • Growing Altitude – 900-1250
  • Harvest – May-September

100% Oberon Brazilian Arabica including 30%, Rainforest Alliance Certified Beans. Oberon coffee could be described as the Queen of Brazilian coffees; only the best and finest coffees from Brazil’s Cerrado region are used in Oberon. The

Cerrado region is located in the south-western part of the Minas Gerais state.

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